I’m an English writer and illustrator, now running a number of film projects. I have produced and  directed drama (principally in the theatre) and written for theatre, radio and publication.

I also have a portfolio of photography and illustration.

I am a founder of Studio 1919, Studio1919 Productions and Afterthought Theatre (now Afterthought Theatre and Film).

I have contributed sketches to BBC Radio and numerous stage shows.

I’m using this site to collect my writing, photographs and illustration work, to publish news about current projects.


The story so far . . .

A few months ago I embarked on a film project, producing a number of story proposals before the producer and I decided on a fantasy.

The film was to be shot on a reasonable low budget (£500,000) but would be planned to look much more expensive. We set about finding and developing ways to achieve this by deftly combing new technology with some tried and tested traditional budget saving methods, some now forgotten or, at least, overlooked by the industry.

For various reasons the project stalled, as most of them do, but it set me thinking and propelled me into a series of discussions, and a couple of hastily written short scripts to test some ideas, and a careful look at scriptwriting, new technology and old production methods.

The result of these ideas is the development of a collection of projects, the first of which is a film called ‘Breakfast With Strangers’.


To be continued . . .